Hindi Language Flashcards

To help students achieve fluency with both vocabulary and structure, I’ve created sets of online flashcards on Brainscape. One “class” uses Devanāgarī (the Hindi script) and another uses Roman transliteration. Some of the current decks test students on the following: Pronouns + होना (honā) Common Nouns Common Adjectives Question Words Possessive Pronouns Pronouns + Various Postpositions I’m currently adding thematic … Read More

A Book Review of Beginning Hindi

Well-organized and obviously tried and tested, this is a very solid choice for a first year Hindi course book. It should work fine for students taking private Hindi classes but would be difficult to use independently.

Why You Should Learn the Hindi Script

In this post I cover some reasons why Hindi language students definitely should learn the Hindi script and why it isn’t nearly as difficult as imagined.

Hindi Listening Practice – Some Online Resources

The key to finding good listening practice content is to find material that is neither too easy nor too difficult. Below I’ve listed some free, online ways of building your Hindi listening skills with authentic content.

A Book Review of Teach Yourself – Complete Hindi

Teach Yourself – Complete Hindi may be the most tried-and-tested Hindi learning book ever. It has been used countless times in universities, colleges, and private language classes all over the world over the past few decades.

A Book Review of Elementary Hindi

This is a well-written, solid introduction to the Hindi language that works well with both academically-oriented students and students with purely conversational goals.