Online Hindi Classes

Learn Hindi with me from anywhere in the world

Technology has made distance almost irrelevant for online education. All you need is a stable Internet connection and you can learn Hindi with me from anywhere!

Learn Hindi Online
Video Chatting

I prefer to have the video turned on during a class as it improves communication when we can see each other clearly (though this isn’t required).

Screen Sharing

Through screen sharing we’ll be looking at the same content, whether it’s a new structure in Hindi grammar or new words and phrases. At the end of class I’ll send you the document as a PDF so that you have a copy of the material.

Scanned Work

The best way to send me written work is to scan it so that I can provide you feedback and assess your progress.

Teaching Platforms

I typically use Zoom, Skype or Google Meet for online classes, but we can use a different platform if you’d prefer. To maximize the quality of our connection, I always keep my software up-to-date, use a high-quality headset, and use a fast and stable Internet connection (a 200 Mbps fiber optic connection) with my computer connected directly to the router.

Skype as a platform for online hindi classes
Google Hangouts as a platform for online hindi classes

Common Questions

When can I schedule online classes?

My general teaching times (in Pacific Time) are as follows:

Daily: 5am – 9am and 5pm – 10pm

Contact me if you’d like to schedule a class outside of these times and I may be able to accommodate you.

Are online classes as effective as face to face classes?

Online instruction has made great strides due to significant improvements in technology. With a good hardware setup and a stable Internet connection, it’s almost as if you’re in the same room.

Over years of teaching Hindi through face to face and online classes, I haven’t noticed any significant difference in performance between the two types of students.

What is the cost for online classes?

The rate for online classes is USD $75 per instruction hour. If this rate is prohibitive for you, feel free to contact me to see if I can accommodate you.

What are the hardware requirements for online classes?
  • A laptop or desktop computer running the latest version of Zoom, Skype or Google Chrome (for Google Meet)
  • A headset (ideal but not required if you have an in-built microphone)
  • A stable Internet connection (a fiber optic connection of at least 100 Mbps is ideal)
  • Access to a scanner to scan homework (using your smartphone camera also works)
How can I maximize the effectiveness of online learning?

When we have an online class, we’re often plugged in to the device that sends us notifications about new mails, text messages, software updates, etc., which can easily draw our attention away from the material. To help combat this, I recommend the following:

  • Find a quiet place to use your device where you’re not likely to be disturbed.
  • Close all unnecessary windows and applications before starting class.
  • Temporarily turn off notifications on your device. In Mac OS, this mode is called “Do Not Disturb.” In Windows it’s called “Focus Assist.”

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